Technology that Powers GigeNET Cloud

The core of a cloud comes from two major parts.

First, the Cloud Nodes themselves which run the Virtual Machines.

Second, a centralized storage solution is required to provide a true cloud environment.

GigeNET Cloud offers state of the art solutions for both of the above necessities.

GigeNET Cloud also offers a fully redundant 10 Gb/s network that will power your cloud no matter what the size.

A Closer Look

Virtualization Technology

GigeNET Cloud utilizes KVM Hypervisor to offer full Hardware Based Virtualization to all of our cloud servers. KVM has become the industry standard due to its small footprint, reliability, and powerful virtualization feature set nearly every Operating System.

GigeNET Cloud offers high availability, live migrations, downtime node maintenance, complete redundancy, and many more features that other cloud providers simply cannot offer. To see a complete list of features check out our comparison page.

Cloud Nodes

GigeNET Cloud is built on the Intel Xeon-D chipset. The Xeon-D was specifically designed as a joint collaboration by Facebook and Intel to create the ultimate data center server. Capable of extreme amounts of processing power and speed, the Xeon-D is the first server line custom built for modern workloads while being environmentally responsible.

Self-Healing SSD Storage Area Network (SAN)

The true core of every Virtual Machine and cloud is storage of the actual files to operate. GigeNET Cloud uses only the most redundant and reliable SAN solutions available. Unlike many other cloud providers, your VM’s are not stored locally on the cloud node and are not susceptible to local disk failures and data corruption. GigeNET Cloud servers are stored centrally and are not tied to the cloud node they are running on.

In addition to the centralized storage of servers running on the GigeNET Cloud. Our SAN’s completely redundant with heartbeat recovery. In the unlikely event one of our SAN’s were to go offline, there is a hot backup that will immediately take over storage of the network while the first is repaired. The failover process is completely seamless and causes no downtime. You should be able to rest comfortably knowing that your cloud is stored on one of the most reliable storage solutions in existence.

Completely Transparent 10 Gb/s Network

What good would a cloud be without being able to access it? None. The GigeNET Cloud is built on a completely redundant and transparent 10 Gb/s network infrastructure, we also offer all customer clouds access to a 1 Gb/s port. Thats 10x faster than the average dedicated server. Best of all, we offer 1 Gb/s ports at no additonal cost.

The GigeNET Cloud network is built on one of the most reliable networks in the industry, at the current time the network has been up for 2 years without a single minute of downtime. Couple that with a completely redundant and self-healing network design, the GigeNET Cloud is by far the least likely solution to experience latency or packet loss, no matter the conditions of the other providers.

High Speed TurboIO SAN’s

Our new SAN technology has an advanced caching technology for read and writes. It automatically prioritizes your data according to what needs to be accessed more frequently by placing that data on ultra high speed RAM based SSD (Solid State Drive) technology. All Virtual Machines on our new high speed SAN(s) should see a significant increase in performance to the tune of 20-30 times faster than the previous technology.