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One-Click Install SugarCRM Private Cloud

SugarCRM is the #1 rated CRM software in the world. More importantly, unlike a lot of other CRM solutions, SugarCRM can be placed in your own hosted infrastructure. In other words, you can fully own the data, the system, and ultimately your customer’s full experience.


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To address the growing needs of business, we have created a one-click install for SugarCRM. Whether you wish to host your CRM software in one of our highly-secure public clouds or wish to create a SugarCRM Private Cloud, our cloud architects have created a full solution that encompasses best practices to give you the best performance possible.

Why SugarCRM Private Cloud makes sense

CRM solutions handle a lot of sensitive data and often handle customer-facing messaging and processes. By using a SugarCRM Private Cloud solution for your CRM software, you are able to better secure customer data as well as have more control over your branding. Our SugarCRM Private Clouds give you full control over your environment, while the technical maintenance and support are handled by GigeNET’s team of certified IT professionals. A private cloud server from GigeNET is truly the best of both worlds.

Why SugarCRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) software focuses on maintaining communication with both customers and prospects. Typical features on these platforms include email templates and mass mailings, the handling of the prospect to customer journey (from lead to customer), integrations with accounting or warehouse software to close the loop on procurement and billing, and more.

CRM systems have become the digital nerve center of most businesses and are typically the hub into which most systems integrate. These platforms handle valuable personal data from both your customers and prospective customers, providing that information to your sales and marketing organizations located anywhere in the world – wherever they need to do business. As the modern workforce continues to become uncoupled from a home office, the need for a hosted solution has become the norm.

SugarCRM is one of the most popular CRM solutions on the market today. SugarCRM boasts a user base of over 2 million from more than 120 countries. SugarCRM handles sales-force automation, marketing campaigns, collaboration, mobile accessibility, social, customer support, and reporting. This CRM software also includes easy to use AI-based predictive insights, unified customer data modeling, tight integration with a number of marketing systems, and a lot more.

Along with a long list of happy customers, SugarCRM has been a 6 time Gartner Magic Quadrant Visionary for sales force automation tools and has won PCMag’s Business Choice Award 4 times in a row. SugarCRM has a 4-star rating on G2Crowd with nearly 600 reviews.

Simple Pricing

All prices are based on monthly billing, but can be configured with hourly or quarterly billing. Click “Deploy” to learn more.













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What Gets Deployed?

Selecting this One-Click Install of SugarCRM deploys a GigeNET Cloud Server with Ubuntu 14.04, MySQL, PHP and SugarCRM, everything you need to get started right away.
Clouds come in many flavors and it seems everyone is trying to cash in on the latest cloud trends. GigeNET however, started their cloud business at the dawn of the cloud era and whether you go with a VPS server or a SugarCRM private cloud for your CRM solution, you can host with confidence, knowing you have over two decades of experience supporting your hosted IT.

Our SSD cloud servers are a perfect platform for a variety of uses. All of our public and private clouds come with one-click deployment installs for a myriad of today’s most popular software. For operating systems, we offer both Windows and Linux cloud hosting backed by our certified support staff and low latency network.

Managing your enterprise cloud computing infrastructure takes time, money, and knowledgeable staff. Any one of these three foundational elements can be out of your business’ reach. Alternatively, you could put your cloud hosting environment in the capable hands of the GigeNET Cloud support team. Our managed cloud hosting service gives you the peace of mind of having certified technicians supporting you every step of the way at an honest price.

CRM software is mission-critical for business and should be treated as such. While cloud hosting is a strong fit for making sure you have a base level of redundancy, you may wish to up the ante on more security and protection of your data by adding our automated DDoS Protection to your cloud hosting solution.


SugarCRM was designed to create a truly flexible Customer Relationship Management system without the need for a million dollar IT budget. The open source alternative for companies with small to no budgets, SugarCRM is a best in class option for full featured CRM’s.



Selecting this One Click Install of SugarCRM deploys a GigeNET Cloud Server with Ubuntu 14.04, MySQL, PHP and SugarCRM, everything you need to get started right away.

Getting Started

Go to our VM Create page by clicking the application in our Dashboard, or you may go to Cloud Machines section, under Create click on Applictions.

sugarCRM private cloud


Configuring Your Cloud Machine

Host Name: Make sure to use a valid hostname to configure mailserver properly, or use the default name provided.
Data Center: Select Data Center location
Cloud Application: Select SugarCRM
Operating System: Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS
Private IP: specify if private IP is needed

Pick Your Performance Package

vCPU: Get more vCPU with your selection of RAM and Storage. This is used for applications that require more processing power than memory.
Balanced (Default): This option will give you a balanced selection between Memory and CPU when selecting your package.
Memory: Get more Memory when you are selecting how much storage space you need. This is used for applications that require more RAM to run than Storage or CPU.

Set VCPU’s and Storage Space

We recommend to use at least the minimum specifications required in all our cloud applications, for better server performance you may adjust this as you need.
Minimum Memory: 1024MB
Minimum Disk Storage: 30GB


Choose How You Want To Be Billed

Hourly: Pay as you go for your server. Bandwidth will be billed everyday as you use it.
Monthly and Above: Save more on these plans. Free Bandwidth is included every month (Overage will be charged by going over the limit)


Click Create VM

Installation may take less than 20 minutes, including the deployment of latest Linux Server install and the application.

View Initial Setting

After Virtual Machine is created, you can view the initial configurations used during install including the Database and Login credentials.




Post Deploy Steps

SugarCRM requires that you complete the steps on the Installation wizard by applying the initial setting provided on Virtual Machine profile. During the Installation Wizard you will be able to customize your settings and create your Administrator account. Go to the Installation Page


Accept License agreement with SugarCRM and click “Next”


Click on “Next” to proceed with the install



Select How you want SugarCRM to be installed. On this tutorial we will use “Typical Install”, click “Next” to proceed


Select database type “MySQL” and click “Next” to proceed on configuring the Database


Setup your database. One-Click App has already created a database for your SugarCRM, use the Database configuration provided on the Initial Setting page of the Virtual Machine Profile.


Confirm all settings you have applied and click “Next” to proceed.



Complete Installation.


Setup the Administrator Account on your SugarCRM


If you would like to register your SugarCRM, complete the form and click “Next”. This step is Optional


SugarCRM Login page. Use the User and Password you applied for the Administrator account on the Installation Wizard.


On your first Login, you will have the option to customize your SugarCRM experience including your Brand, Localize and your SMTP Server. Click “Next” to proceed with the setup or “Skip” and do this later on your Dashboard.



If you want to use the default mail server installed on your Virtual Machine, Go to tab “Other”, use the Local SMTP Server Specification on the initial setting provided on Virtual Machine profile.


SugarCRM Administration Control Panel.


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Please contact our Support Department if you have more questions regarding our Cloud Applications.