GigeNET Recognized as One of the “Top 20 Most Promising Networking Companies”

July 15, 2014 No Comments

GigeNET, an innovator in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) security and cloud services has recently been recognized as a leader in the networking industry. GigeNET owns and operates a world-class, 17,000 square-foot datacenter with state of the art technologies. The company announced today that they have the honor of being included as one of the “Top 20 Most Promising Networking Companies” by CIOReview.

The CIOReview’s Top 20 Most Promising Networking Companies identifies organizations that leverage their network expertise to deliver innovative solutions to the end-user as well as becoming a pioneer in their industry. Organizations today have become increasingly aware of threats initiated from the internet such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that can deter the online services they offer. Additionally, several other web vulnerabilities have surfaced, becoming a point of contention for business leaders, including large scale infiltrations, personal privacy, and security. What sets these 20 companies apart from the rest is their innate ability to access, innovate, overcome their challenges and convert them into potential opportunities. GigeNET is honored to be associated with companies who contribute and set the bar even higher for the ever evolving networking arena.

Over the past year, GigeNET has made an immense amount of head way to position themselves as a leader in their respective industry. The company is becoming a heavy contender due to innovations including but not limited to their: Automated DDoS Protection, ProxyShield, and Gigenet Cloud Portal. They have also welcomed an aesthetics upgrade by redesigning their website which allows customers and visitors to quickly and easily find the information & hosting solutions they need. Paired with a new look, the site’s design is responsive to a myriad of devices used today, including tablets, phablets and smart phones. “We have been around since the first hosting companies have existed. We own and operate our own datacenter and network/fiber infrastructure, developing our own portal and automation software for our cloud services, and DDoS Security services. We have a high performing and reliable network infrastructure that has not experienced a network wide outage in over 6 years,” says President Ameen Pishdadi.

About GigeNET
GigeNET is a full-service, managed hosting provider offering dedicated, cloud, hybrid, and colocation hosting solutions as well as state-of-the-art DDoS protection. GigeNET is headquartered just outside of Chicago, IL, where it owns and operates a 17,000 sq. ft. enterprise-class private datacenter. This facility allows GigeNET to offer clients high performance with superior security at affordable prices. GigeNET further offers its wide range of services from a newly expanded Los Angeles, CA, datacenter.

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