GigeNET Launches New Server Monitoring System

July 1, 2016 No Comments

Since the 1990s, GigeNET has been a reliable network for many users. Specializing in advanced hosting solutions, DDoS Protection and colocation, GigeNET has managed to help many successful businesses push forward. GigeNET has recently announced a change to their monitoring solutions.

GigeNET unveiled the integration of monitoring services with its already pre-existing management platform. Every client on their network is now able to get full visibility into the physical layer, network, and application for the services hosted on their infrastructure. With a focus of providing both their clients insights into their solution, GigeNET believes that they have taken transparency to a new level. This reduces the need to drill down for information because it is right at the client’s fingertips and enables the GigeNET team to be proactive in resolving issues. The Chicago hosting company boasts that they have taken away the complexity and expensive task by developing a cost-effective platform for SMBs and IT professionals. By enabling checks in their monitoring services, every host regardless of location (Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC) is automated to receive alerts.

“GigeNET is building this new platform with transparency and flexibility in mind. We are now working to provide you with more control over your platform, and allowing you as a customer to have immense options to control your own environment within our new portal.” – Mo Kabre

GigeNET is a full-service, managed hosting provider offering dedicated, cloud, hybrid, and colocation hosting solutions, as well as state-of-the-art DDoS protection. GigeNET is headquartered just outside of Chicago, Illinois where it owns and operates a 17,000 sq. ft. enterprise-class private datacenter that allows GigeNET to offer clients high performance with excellent security at affordable prices. GigeNET also offers their wide range of services in their Los Angeles, CA and Washington, D.C. Datacenters. GigeNET has been a pioneer since their inception in the ’90s and continues to push the boundaries of what is possible, developing new technologies and trailblazing products for their clients including ProxyShield(R), an industry-leading DDoS mitigation system. Visit to learn more.


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