GigeNET Announces: GigeNET CloudServer, Best Cloud Services Yet, More Features, Better Service

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GigeNETCloud, the Illinois-based Cloud Server provider, announced that its GigeNETCloud with its newly added features is the best and most feature rich Cloud environment on the market today.

Arlington Heights, IL () August 1, 2010 — GigeNETCloud, the Illinois-based Cloud Server provider, announced that itsGigeNETCloud with its newly added features is the best and most feature rich Cloud environment on the market today.

“The newest version once again puts everyone else behind. Snapshots, VPN access, RDNS, Clone your Cloud from a Snapshot we are moving and moving fast,” said Ameen Pishdadi, GigeNET CTO. “With our Infrastructure and continued updates and improvements coming out every other week, we are definitely one of the front runners in Cloud Computing.GigeNETCloud customers are receiving the best options in the industry for the best possible price.”

With these newest upgrades, GigeNET offers an amazing array of features, with easily scalable Cloud servers. GigeNETCloud continues to improve on what Cloud offerings used to be, giving GigeNETCloud customers the widest range of possibilities for combining services and use, while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

GigeNETCloud customers have been very supportive since its inception and are signing up to use the exciting new features on the Cloud and like the possibility of combining GigeNET Dedicated Servers and Co-location services with the Cloud Servers to maintain flexibility in their custom environment. GigeNETCloud offers a free trial, showing once again GigeNET confidence in product and development. Contact GigeNETCloud Sales Chat for a free Trial.

Cloud Server clustering and Cloud Server communications support connectivity between private networks and GigeNET’s dedicated servers, This can easily be accomplished with VLANs and GigeNET private networking. “We are able to set up customized configurations for our clients, we have the knowhow and support personnel to do that for our clients” said Ameen Pishdadi GigeNET CTO, “we treat our customers like family and not like a number, we are interested in being a partner, not just a provider.”

“The newest version of the GigeNETCloud includes significant upgrades and improvements,” states Pishdadi. “New features, more options on the control panel, better management tools, VPN access and many more little details making our customers life just a little easier. Our cloud server performance is already second to none.”

With a high availability and redundant infrastructure, managed 24/7 tech support to every subscriber at every level, and new features being added every 30 to 60 days, GigeNETCloud is a staple and the go-to location in the Cloud Server Hosting Industry.

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