Hybrid Solutions

GigeNET Cloud will evaluate your current solution and provide you with assistance from our top engineers to design a system to fit your needs while saving you money!

If you are currently paying top dollar for a system that is a bit too much for what you need, let us take a look and we can provide you with a scalable system that can grow at a moments notice to fit your needs.

The best way for us to evaluate your situation is to send us an email at sales@gigenetcloud.com with your current specs and what you are paying on them currently, or fill out the form on this page.

Our top engineers will evaluate and design a system to fit all your needs while saving you as much money as possible.

GigeNET Cloud is a subsidiary of Gigenet.

The two brands are interconnected to each other so we can provide hybrid solutions to all our clients to fit their needs.

This means we can provide a private network connection from your Dedicated Server network over to the Cloud that enables the client to do a lot of neat things. The possibilities are endless with these two products working together.

When you submit your information to us for an engineer to build you a custom solution, we take all of our services in to account. We have many services that work well with the cloud including but not limited to: Dedicated Servers, DDoS Protection, Co-Location, Web Hosting, Backup Services, T1 Connections, and anything else a datacenter is capable of.

We will look at exactly what you need and suggest the best possible solution to fit your needs. We can price you out in two to three different ways that will encompass the best price scenario, the best performance scenario and somewhere in the middle where most people want to be.

There are many ways to accomplish the same exact task and we understand that.

We have been around long enough to know what works and what does not work. We can bring the knowledge that we have accumulated over the years and utilize it to build you a solution.

Take advantage of our knowledge base and get a free quote today!

You won’t just save yourself money, you will also give your business the advantage of scalability.

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