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What is Hybrid Cloud Computing?

Hybrid cloud hosting encompasses the idea that the optimal infrastructure configuration for a business generally consists of a custom system using multiple forms of IT infrastructure such as public cloud, dedicated servers, and private cloud environments. By combining dedicated servers with cloud infrastructure, GigeNET is able to deliver a better value than public cloud or private cloud alone. By utilizing a hybrid infrastructure, you can use the right tools for the job. In one way or another, all complex infrastructure configurations begin with a hybrid cloud solution.

Hybrid cloud computing forms an interesting balance when it comes to performance and costs. Considering its complex nature as well as what hybrid cloud hosting is meant to achieve, it would be natural to assume that hybrid cloud solutions cost a great deal. However, the main attribute of hybrid cloud computing is scaling the desired hosting to match the needs of the customer, matching your needs reducing wasted server resources. By minimizing excessive hardware, hybrid cloud computing can go a long way towards bringing your IT budget down, all the while providing your business with the best experience.

When it comes to building a complete hybrid cloud solution, a common approach is to utilize public clouds for the website, dedicated servers to run the databases, and private cloud servers for creating scalable and always-available resources for your departments. Hybrid cloud computing easily lends itself to hosting internal wikis, intranets, chat platforms (such as Slack), Project Management Software (such as Jira), internally hosted CRM (such as SugarCRM) and a lot more. If you looked at your monthly costs for all of the hosted systems you use, how much money could your business save by bringing them all into a hybrid cloud hosting solution? In our experience, we have saved companies as much as 70% off of their IT infrastructure bill. By hosting these systems in house, we also help cut down on your IT department’s support costs and time, making them better able to support your business’ development of key products.

For a wide range of solutions, hybrid cloud hosting is designed to increase control, accountability, and cost savings.

Hybrid Cloud Hosting Use Cases

Enterprise Cloud

Our enterprise cloud hosting is designed for running your critical applications. From hosting your project management apps, to your accounting software, to your company’s intranetit can all be designed to incorporate hybrid cloud computing. By fusing the highest standards of server hardware with the redundancy of public cloud, the flexibility and security of private cloud, and managed by our veteran support staff, GigeNET Cloud has a solution for your needs.

Compliance with Scalability

Dedicated servers and private clouds offer a fast track towards PCI and HIPAA compliance. However, scalability is often limited to your initial total server infrastructure. By using hybrid cloud hosting, you can run a private cloud for compliance but can burst into our public cloud when you need it most. Let GigeNET design your compliant infrastructure to build out a hybrid cloud solution that conforms to compliance regulations.

Bursts of High Resource Usage

The ability to not only scale workloads into the public cloud, but also to rapidly create virtual machines delivers much-needed agility to accommodate sudden spikes. By using a public cloud, companies can quickly pause or stop added resources. In this manner, the addition of public cloud to your workload creates a rapid means of meeting workload demands, while keeping costs low. 

Our Hybrid Cloud Computing Process

To get started with hybrid cloud computing GigeNET will evaluate your current needs and discuss with you your current and future plans as well as contingencies for growth possibilities. Our top engineers will draft your hybrid cloud solutions and create the optimum network of computer resources to fit your needs and budget. When drafting your hybrid cloud solution we will walk you through evaluating your current IT needs including the added costs of shadow IT activities that some of your departments might be engaged in (such as using multiple non-standardized third-party cloud systems) to create proper system synergy while greatly reducing your overhead.

Hybrid cloud hosting should not be an extravagant solution limited to companies with unlimited resources. Talk with our hybrid cloud hosting architects today and see what GigeNET’s hybrid cloud hosting can do for you.

How to get started with Hybrid Cloud Hosting?

To get started with your hybrid cloud hosting consultation, email sales@gigenetcloud.com, chat with a solution provider, or call us toll-free at 1-800-561-2656 and schedule a free evaluation.

Before there was cloud, there was VPS (virtual private servers) hosting. However, VPS hosting is an outdated technology and has been bypassed by new technologies, systems, and software. For those who require legacy compatible systems or find that they are more comfortable using VPS over public cloud; GigeNET Cloud provides VPS Cloud hosting. Your hybrid cloud hosting solution can also include VPS if you require.

If you require the use of a control panel to more easily handle some of the heavy lifting, we have cPanel Hosting available. cPanel is the premier Linux operating system control panel and is able to handle a wide variety of basic operations – from handling your DNS records, to easily managing your file system. Speaking of which, we offer a wide variety of Linux cloud flavors, many supporting advanced features such as hot plugging and elastic cloud. If you require it, cPanel can also be made available in your hybrid cloud hosting environment.

For more information on our three data centers and how they can service your needs be sure to look at our data center page. Our Chicago data center is 100% owned and operated by GigeNET and includes public cloud, dedicated servers, private cloud, hybrid cloud hosting, as well as colocation. Our east coast customers use our Ashburn data center. On top of its access to the East Coast, the Ashburn data center has direct access to European and African markets with ultra-low latency throughout. For more information on how we service the west coast and Asia, check out our LA data center. Whether you need facilities in Los Angeles, or anywhere around the world, we have you covered.

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