Flexible Billing

One size fits all just doesn’t work anymore.

Here at GigeNET Cloud, we let you chose the billing term for each of your VM’s.
This enables you to keep the amount you’re paying for your VM at a minimum so you only pay for what you use.

Hourly Billing

With hourly billing, you’re only paying for the resources that you use while your VM exists. This option does not come with any bandwidth included, but does save you money if you’re using your VM short term.

A good example of when it is the best time to use an hourly billed VM is if you are testing software, or temporarily storing something.

Monthly Billing

Monthly billing is best suited for people keeping their VM long term. Because you’re paying for your usage up front, you get a chunk of bandwidth included with Monthly VMs.

A good example of this would be a website or an application that you keep online 24/7.

Quarterly Billing

Quarterly billing has the same qualities as Monthly Billing, however since you’re paying for a larger chunk of time we give you a larger chunk of bandwidth included with your VM.

This solution is recommended for high traffic websites or applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my billing term?

Yes, you may change your billing term at any time by submitting a ticket to our billing department. In many cases users like to pay for their VM on an hourly basis while testing out our services or setting up their VM, and then switch to monthly after they have a stable environment running.

Do I get charged for my VM when it’s powered down (off)?

Yes, since CPU, Disk Space, and any Additional IP’s you may have are still reserved for your VM, you still pay for those resources.. however you do not pay for bandwidth or use up your reserved bandwidth while your VM is not online.

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