API Functionality

With our application programming interface you can tie your application directly into GigeNET Cloud making your workflow faster and easier.

What is an API?

API means Application Programming Interface and they say that APIs are the underlying aspect of Web 2.0. But what does it really mean what is an api? Let’s try to demystify the term a little.

The word to really pay attention to is Interface. If you have any experience at all with programming, all kinds of abstractions and contracts must be coming to your mind when you hear the word interface but we are more interested in the classical meaning of the term.

An interface is a common boundary between two separate systems. It is the means or the medium via which these two systems communicate.

An API is the interface implemented by an application which allows other applications to communicate with it.

What you do with the GigeNET Cloud API v2:
  • List cloud operating systems offered by GigeNET Cloud.
  • List the GigeNET Cloud Datacenter Locations.
  • Create new virtual machines.
  • AWS EC2 compatible
  • Get information about a particular VM.
  • Get graph stats as well as a jpg image of VM stats.
  • Change VM settings (update password, network reconfigure, delete machine).
  • Update the running state of a VM (start, stop, pause).

Our API is free to use and only requires that you have a GigeNET Cloud Account. Signup Today to try it out.

Please note that all code examples as well as the API Tool Kit are released under Create Commons License 3.