Understanding DDoS Attacks

Understanding DDoS Attacks and How to Protect Your Website

The risks that are posed by security breeches are extremely serious. Web hosting security is a continually evolving technology area due to online criminals constantly looking for ways to find a security loophole to bring a site down or access a server. Web hosts are constantly looking for ways to block cyber attacks such as a Distributed Denial of Service attack. Below is a guide on understanding DDoS attacks and how to protect your website from these cyber attacks.

What is a DDoS Attack?

A Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS attack) has been widely known to take down large enterprise websites as well as web hosting companies. They are effective attacks as they mimic traffic in a high volume and this traffic is sent directly to a server in an excessively high amount which overloads the server with requests. Too many requests will drain resources and cause a website to go offline. The server shuts down because it cannot handle such a high amount of traffic suddenly hitting the server. This result is a loss of revenue for an ecommerce site because users can no longer access the site. It is called a Distributed Denial of Service attack because the server is overloaded with requests leading to an automatic denial of services because the server goes offline.

Who gets Targeted with DDoS Attacks?

Any website, no matter how large, can receive a DDoS attack. It also usually caused by an individual or individuals who purposely send the huge amount of server requests. Most often, smaller sites will be tested and the attackers will move on to the larger websites. If you do not protect yourself, you can become a victim of a DDoS attack.

Protecting Your Site from a DDoS Attack

The best way to prevent a successful DDoS attack is to make sure your web host provider has implemented the security measures that will stop a DDoS attack such as using DDoS attack software. Make sure you ask your host provider what security precautions that they have take to prevent such an attack. In the online retail world, you have to make sure your ecommerce site is available to your customers 24/7. If not, you could lose a lot of money in sales. Make sure your web host emphasizes security of their servers.

Today, hackers employ very sophisticated technology to engage in online criminal activities. In the world of ecommerce, it is vital that a business employ various security technologies to protect their websites, including DDoS security software.