Cloud Expo 2011 Showcases Innovative Cloud Services

This year’s Cloud Expo which was sponsored by Dell, Abiquo, Oracle and other vendors, had over 7,000 delegates, and over 200 sponsors and exhibits. Products demonstrated included security, cloud storage, analytics, and hardware used to deploy cloud solutions. Below is a list of a few of the most innovative cloud solutions from Cloud Expo 2011:

Spoon: Users can sign up for a Spoon account to access files and applications from any location. Spoon allows users to run applications from the cloud with zero-install. Some companies are using Spoon to run legacy apps on Windows 7.

.doocuments: Capabilities that .documents service provides include: preventing different recipients from viewing pages, restricting the printing of certain pages in a document, and accessing certification, analytics, etc all via the cloud. As well, the service which is still in beta, adds features to users existing documents for additional security and management. It integrates seamlessly into the main office software suites such as Apple’s iWork, Microsoft Office, and Acrobat Reader.

K7 Cloud Solutions: The egg NAS uses K7’s cloud platform enabling users to share and access files from any location. It is also a USB-based Network-Attached Storage (NAS) drive.

TwinStrata CloudArray: This is a cloud storage appliance providing data storage and data protection solutions to businesses. It’ is normally use for backups, online remote storage, archives and other business data, including primary storage.

FireHost: Provides secure cloud hosting on demand for applications of all sizes. Firehost offers PCI-DSS certified and HIPAA compliant hosting. As well, it provides enterprise-grade protection against hacking, DDoS attacks and other threats.

Fusion-io: It is the ‘world’s first enterprise flash platform.’ The company’s memory-based computing hardware can boost performance of applications in a data center. Just one of Fusion-io’s ioMemory modules, has the performance of 1,000 disk drives and capacity of 100 memory modules.

Vyatta: Delivers multi-layer virtual network security that maintains all-inclusive network security and compliance in a single virtual package which is deployable to any hypervisor. Its enterprise-class SPI firewall gives IT the ability to define and enforce access control policies and provide other methods of control. The company offers numerous cloud-based appliances for secure, on-demand, and scalable networking, as well as virtual machines.