About the Apple iCloud

Apple recently announced that it is getting involved in Cloud Computing. The name is the Apple iCloud. The development of the icloud has made the cloud computing work for people who do not have to understand its complexities when using it.

How the iCloud Works

Anyone can connect to the cloud wirelessly when they use such Apple devices as iPhones, desktops, ipod Touches, and iPads. This means that users of these devices will have easy access to their applications, documents, calendars, photos, and email messages as as the device can connect to the cloud. Apple will scan the particular device for music that the user purchased from another store, ripped from a CD, or acquired using another method. When it locates a match in the iTunes catalog, then the song is available on any device that is also connected to the iCloud. If there is no match located, the song will be easily uploaded to the iCloud and made available to all of the user’s devices. The user pays $25 each year and will be permitted to perform the process of up to 25,000 songs. Users can also sync music that they have not purchased from iTunes into the iCloud, making it available on any connected device. The effect of this technology is great numbers of people will be using the cloud which will likely change the computing landscape .

Benefits of the Apple iCloud.

Backups to the iCloud take place every day automatically as long as a device is connected to the Internet. The music users purchase from the iTunes store can be listened to on any device connected to the iCloud. This is a free service. Users can store up to 5G of documents inside the iCloud. When you sign up for iCloud, you automatically get 5GB of free storage. Photos can only remain within the cloud for 30 days. The iCloud is replacing a service Apple named MobileMe, which was largely unused and cost $99 per year. iCloud is seamlessly integrated into users apps, so you can access your content on all your devices