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High-Availability Cloud Servers on a Budget – Cheap way to being Redundant

Over the past 18 months, cloud computing has become an increasingly important component of the individual business; large and startup alike. More and more companies are turning to the cloud for their hosting, storage, and application needs. As companies switch their infrastructure over, the high-availability of these services becomes an ever important, but often overlooked, […]

GCloud Major software milestone completed for V3! More OS Choices, Private Networking, API and much more!

GigeNETCloud V3.0.6 Release in LA! Chicago customers will soon be migrated to new portal! We are excited to announce the latest version of our cloud portal version 3.0.6! This is only available in the LAX cloud at the moment but we will be replacing the Chicago Legacy portal (V2) with the new GCloud Portal (V3) […]

Ultimate Cloud Computing Processor

US processor designer Tilera recently announced the release of its new cloud computing processor which is seen as a major competitor to the Intel x/86 / x64 general purpose processor. The company claims that it is the ultimate Cloud Computing processor. Tilera’s computing processor, TILE-Gxâ„¢ 3000 processor family is specifically designed for today’s most common […]

Softsource Building Data Center in New York

There is a global industry trend towards providing IT infrastructure as a ‘service.’ Auckland company, Softsource, who employs a staff of 42, is planning to heavily invest in ‘cloud computing’ by building a $10 million data center in Albany, NY, so that it can rent computer servers and storage to businesses around the country on […]

Cloud Computing World Series Awards

At the Cloud Computing World Forum 2011 that took place at the Olympia Conference Center in London, England, Abiquo, the leading Enterprise Cloud Management software provider, received the Cloud Computing World Series award for Best Cloud Management Solution, beating out Hewlett-Packard and VMware. The annual Cloud Computing World Series Awards recognizes the best Cloud products […]

HP and Toshiba Join Forces on Cloud Computing

Recently, Hewlett-Packard and Toshiba announced that they will collaborate to push cloud computing and affiliated services to infrastructure organizations. The two firms have signed a memorandum of understanding to begin tie-up negotiations. In a joint statement, the companies said that they will, “work together to identify and develop opportunities in areas such as water supply, […]

Website Performance and Load Balancing

If you have website that you are growing, you will soon realize that there will be spikes in server requests. If you do not have the right technology provided by a web host, the results can be slow loading times or even go temporarily offline. For an ecommerce site, this can have a tremendous negative […]

Cloud Expo 2011 Showcases Innovative Cloud Services

This year’s Cloud Expo which was sponsored by Dell, Abiquo, Oracle and other vendors, had over 7,000 delegates, and over 200 sponsors and exhibits. Products demonstrated included security, cloud storage, analytics, and hardware used to deploy cloud solutions. Below is a list of a few of the most innovative cloud solutions from Cloud Expo 2011: […]

Choosing The Best Cloud For Your Enterprise Needs

When you decide to move your business in the cloud, you need to decide what type of cloud you want to store your data on. Before you select your cloud, you should research the benefits of what each cloud offers to ensure you pick the best cloud that meets your enterprise needs. Below is a […]

About the Apple iCloud

Apple recently announced that it is getting involved in Cloud Computing. The name is the Apple iCloud. The development of the icloud has made the cloud computing work for people who do not have to understand its complexities when using it. How the iCloud Works Anyone can connect to the cloud wirelessly when they use […]

When to Change Web Hosting Plans

Finding the right hosting plan can be a daunting task due to the seemingly endless choices available. Sometimes people will choose a web hosting plan that will turn out not to be what they wanted or the host provider is providing poor service. It is important to choose the right hosting plan, however, if you […]

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Cheap Web Hosting

Because there are so many web hosting plans available, it can often be difficult selecting the right plan that you need to manage your websites. When people begin their online endeavors or want a cheap way to host numerous websites, they will often look for the cheapest web hosting plan. However, it is important consider […]

Operating Your Business Customer Service in the Cloud

Maintaining quality customer service is an essential part of operating a business. It can be difficult operating efficient customer services as there issues that have be effectively managed such as wait lines and providing correct information. It is essential to find ways to improve a customer’s experience with your business. There was a time that […]

Understanding DDoS Attacks

Understanding DDoS Attacks and How to Protect Your Website The risks that are posed by security breeches are extremely serious. Web hosting security is a continually evolving technology area due to online criminals constantly looking for ways to find a security loophole to bring a site down or access a server. Web hosts are constantly […]