How We Price Your Cloud

Virtual Machine Pricing
Hourly Monthly
Memory Storage BW Price BW Price
512MB 20GB 0 GB $0.03 333GB $22.59
1024MB 30GB 0 GB $0.05 667GB $35.49
2GB 40GB 0 GB $0.08 1333GB $63.29
4GB 50GB 0 GB $0.13 2667GB $117.53
6GB 60GB 0 GB $0.20 4000GB $176.94
8GB 70GB 0 GB $0.26 5333GB $235.06
12GB 80GB 0 GB $0.38 8000GB $304.86
16GB 90GB 0 GB $0.50 10667GB $405.61

Please Note: These prices may vary with inclusion of IP addresses, licenses, dns rules, and other settings in the portal.

Should I choose Hourly or Monthly Billing?

Hourly billing is ideal for individuals who only need to keep their VM for a short period of time. It’s recommended for scenarios such as temporarily scaling your cluster, or testing software. Hourly VM’s do not come with any bandwidth included.

Monthly billing is ideal for individuals who need to keep their VM’s long term, such as permanent websites or applications.

Bandwidth Pricing
Type Price per GB
Inbound Bandwidth (1Gbps Port) $0.08
Outbound Bandwidth (1Gbps Port) $0.15
OS Pricing View All Available Operating Systems
Operating System Price
Windows 2008 Enterprise R2 64-bit $10.00/month

Linux distributions available on GigeNET Cloud are free


Pricing For Backup Services
Storage Amount Monthly Price
50 GB $25.00
100 GB $50.00
200 GB $100.00
300 GB $150.00
400 GB $200.00
Add-on Software
Software Price
cPanel WHM $11.15/month
Interworx $6.95/month
ClearOS Free
Virtualmin / WebMin Free
DotNetPanel for Windows Free
WebsitePanel for Windows Free
DirectAdmin $10.00/month
Litespeed LSWS $17.00
Litespeed LSLB $80.00

Please Note: Some software is unsupported and you must install and maintained it yourself.
View Software Supported by our Team.