Cloud Hosting in Los Angeles


Located in the heart of Los Angeles’ financial district, our LA facility provides secure and reliable West Coast cloud hosting. This facility features extreme low latency and is the data center of choice for SaaS providers, enterprises, game companies, and media providers on the West Coast.

West Coast cloud hosting couldn’t be better with our Los Angeles facility. The data center has direct access to dozens of domestic and international carriers, boasting multiple physical connections to several backbones with direct access to Asia. Our Los Angeles facility is also hardened against earthquakes and situated outside of the Los Angeles flood plain.

Data center space within the second-largest US metro area is in very high demand. Los Angeles has direct connections to every major tech center on the West Coast, be it in the US, Canada, or throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Unfortunately, because of how tightly packed the LA area is, most data center space is at a premium. With limited capacity and very finite resources, finding reliable, high-performance space within the LA area can be difficult, which is why GigeNET Cloud offers cloud facilities at an affordable price. We do not believe you should be punished for wanting the best West Coast hosting services.

Our Los Angeles facility is housed in one of the most robust data centers on the West Coast. With direct physical connection points to a number of backbones, our Los Angeles data center offers a secure and reliable environment built with redundancy in mind. This facility was specifically chosen to expand our service delivery footprint across the country, providing our customers with the best West Coast cloud hosting possible.

When deploying cloud environments to a highly competitive market like LA, businesses should make sure their provider can support not only their current needs, but future expansion as well. Our datacenter offers plenty of room for growth not just from a space perspective, but from a technological perspective. Do you require multiple redundant instances across the country? Do you need hybrid or private cloud? Do you need a provider who will fiercely protect your bottom line and advise you on how to consolidate or expand to meet your ever changing needs? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then GigeNET is the hosting provider for you.

Our Los Angeles data center has direct access to the TransPacific cables for ultra-fast connection to the entire Asia Pacific area. Having access to the Pacific trunk line greatly expands your West Coast cloud hosting footprint with ultra-low latency connections to Asian tech hubs such as Singapore and Hong Kong.

Our LA facility also carries the following benefits:

  1. 100% SLA
  2. 24/7 Onsite Security Personnel
  3. CCTV Camera Systems – 90 Day Retention
  4. Biometric and Photo Badge Access
  5. Man Traps
  6. Elevator Authentication
  7. VESDA detection system
  8. SSAE SOC2 Compliant
  9. SOC3 Compliant
  10. HIPAA Compliant
  11. Fully redundant systems (including power and cooling with diverse feeds)
Cloud hosting los angeles

Having direct access to high-speed fiber-optic trunks which form the basis of the Internet backbone makes a huge difference. Although the data center is located in Los Angeles, having access to these main arteries of the Internet provides extremely low latency throughout the entire West Coast and Asia. In fact, most of our clients who use the Los Angeles facility do so in order to access Asian markets.

Our networks were built from the ground up with redundancy in mind. When GigeNET Cloud was first formed, it was built with the understanding that every customer is entitled to service that continues to run regardless of the situation. We created our 100% SLA guarantees to safeguard your data and provide you with the best service money can buy. Whether you purchase cloud hosting from our Los Angeles facility or from any of our other data centers, you can be confident that you are purchasing a world-class hosting environment.

Speaking of environment, all of our facilities take environmentally-friendly measures to ensure we use the least amount of power possible. Our LA facility is no exception. From the LED lighting to the cooling technology, to the servers we rack, we have done all of the research ahead of time to give you maximum compute power while creating the lowest environmental footprint. Each year, GigeNET continues to rank high as an environmentally conscious company. And like the attention we place in our network, we are environmentally friendly by design.

Our third-generation cloud hosting was developed from the ground up to offer our customers best in class features on a high-speed cloud foundation. Self-healing storage, redundant infrastructure, 10 GBs network, and a lot more are all included. To see how GigeNET Cloud’s hosting measures up check out our Cloud Comparison page. Whether you use Microsoft Windows or our Linux cloud servers, you know you are getting the best technologies to support your endeavors.

We consider 24-hour support seven days a week provided by industry veterans to be the standard. On average, our techs have been maintaining and building cloud hosting environments longer than almost anyone else in the industry. With GigeNET, we don’t just host your cloud solutions; we make sure to support you every step of the way and that level of dedication is why our customers continue to stay with us year after year.

West coast cloud hosting

To see how we provide our East Coast customers with premier cloud hosting, check out our Ashburn data center. For more information on our corporate headquarters and our flagship data center, check out our Chicago data center. Whether you need facilities in Los Angeles, or anywhere around the world, we have you covered.

Managing your west coast cloud hosting infrastructure takes time, money, and knowledgeable staff. Or you could put your cloud hosting environment in the capable hands of the GigeNET Cloud support team. Our managed cloud hosting service gives you the peace of mind of having certified technicians supporting you every step of the way.

For even more security and protection of your data, add our automated DDoS Protection to your cloud hosting solution. Our automated DDoS system was created in house by veteran developers. It was initially developed to help our enterprise and game hosting customers keep their businesses and clients running, and we now offer that same level of security to you.

Need something more robust? We offer single-tenant dedicated private cloud hosting as well as a perfect pairing of our dedicated server and west coast cloud hosting together in a Hybrid Cloud solution.