Cloud Hosting in Chicago

The 17,000 square foot crown jewel of GigeNET serves as both Chicago data center with NOC and corporate HQ. With direct access to the Internet backbones that feed Chicago’s financial district, the Chicago facility remains a popular choice for financial companies, game hosts, and VPN providers.

Our Chicago data center offers prime access for Midwest cloud hosting. Multiple physical connections to tier 1 providers, redundant internal networking, resilient utilities, and veteran support staff make this data center one of the best in the region. Our Chicago data center is where we pioneered our third-generation cloud platform and is completely owned and operated by GigeNET.

Mid west cloud hosting

Our midwest cloud hosting uses a Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) Fiber Optic ring alongside FCP routing optimization and DDoS protection to greatly increase the speed and capacity of our network, with direct connections to the same Internet backbones that power Chicago’s financial district. In other words, we’re using the fastest networking route to minimize lag and latency.

We operate three strategically located, data center facilities in the United States, granting customers access to our extensive and powerful private and public network systems. Our facilities feature industry-leading technologies for maintaining optimal operating environmental control, redundant electrical systems; generators backed with enterprise-class UPS technology, and a wide range of advanced security measures.

Why Choose GigeNET Chicago Cloud Hosting?

Our Chicago facility also carries the following benefits:

  1. Peering with Tier-1 providers
  2. 100% uptime SLA
  3. 24/7/365 Onsite Personnel
  4. CCTV Camera Systems
  5. Proximity Badge Access
  6. VESDA detection system
  7. Multi-homed redundant fiber connections
  8. Low latency interconnection to carriers
  9. SOC3 Compliant
  10. HIPAA Compliant
  11. Redundant entry points

Our Chicago data center is centrally located to provide unparalleled access to all of North America. Midwest cloud hosting at scale. In addition to cloud hosting, our Chicago facility also provides colocation, dedicated server, and networking services. Should you need to expand your operations at any time, you can do so under one roof.

Test your speeds to our Chicago Network with our Test IP:

Our networks were built from the ground up with redundancy in mind. When GigeNET Cloud was first formed, it was built with the understanding that every customer is entitled to service that continues to run regardless of the situation. We created our 100% SLA guarantees to safeguard your data and provide you with the best service money can buy. Whether you purchase midwest cloud hosting from our Chicago data center or one-click deployment cloud hosting from our other data centers, you can be confident that you are purchasing a world-class hosting environment from a veteran of the hosting industry.

Speaking of environment, all of our facilities take environmentally-friendly measures to ensure we use the least amount of power possible. Our Chicago, Il facility has taken additional measures to be as efficient as possible. Whether it’s the cooling technology or the ultra-efficient servers we run our cloud hosting on, we continue to push the envelope in delivering maximum compute power while creating the smallest environmental footprint. Each year, GigeNET continues to rank high as an environmentally conscious company. And like the attention we place in our Chicago network, we are environmentally friendly by design.

network specs

We consider 24-hour support seven days a week provided by industry veterans to be the standard. On average, our techs have been maintaining and building cloud hosting environments longer than almost anyone else in the industry. With GigeNET, we don’t just host your midwest cloud servers; we make sure to support you every step of the way. That level of dedication is why our customers continue to stay with us year after year.

Our cloud servers are 100% backed by solid-state hard drives. When it comes to maximizing speed and reducing bottlenecks, SSD cloud servers facilitate the highest levels of performance coupled with low power usage, making them not only fast but environmentally friendly. Built on a solid foundation, our cloud hosting solutions are fully elastic and support hot-plugging for most operating systems. Upgrade and downgrade your resource allocations as your needs demand.

Looking for a fully compliant cloud that can host your company’s site as well as its internal infrastructure? Then give our enterprise cloud servers a look. Our enterprise-grade cloud servers are designed for critical applications, from running your project management apps to your accounting software to your OpenVPN cloud. By fusing the highest standards of server hardware with full redundancy and managed by our veteran support staff, GigeNET Cloud has a solution to fit your needs.

Need more compute power or a server setup with extreme levels of security and privacy? We offer highly secure private cloud computing as well as a perfect pairing of our dedicated server and midwest cloud hosting together in a Hybrid cloud computing. Hybrid cloud hosting encompasses the idea that the optimal infrastructure configuration for business generally consists of a custom solution using multiple forms of IT infrastructure such as public cloud, dedicated servers, and private cloud environments. Our Chicago data center not only houses cloud and dedicated servers, but is also a full colocation facility so you can connect your hybrid cloud infrastructure to your colocated servers for more cost savings. You can also add our automated DDoS Protection to your cloud hosting solution. Our automated DDoS system was created in house by veteran developers. It was initially developed to help our enterprise and game host customers keep their businesses and clients running without pause, and we now offer that same level of security to you.

Before there was cloud, there was VPS (virtual private servers) hosting. However, VPS hosting is an outdated technology and has been bypassed by newer technologies, systems, and software. For those who require legacy compatible systems; however, GigeNET Cloud provides VPS Cloud computing.