Ashburn, VA Data Center

Our Ashburn data center is home to one of only three GRX peering locations in the world and has direct access to the largest peering exchange on the US East Coast.

Located in the heart of Data Center Alley, our Ashburn data center has direct low latency connections to Europe and the East Coast. This data center is our East Coast cloud hosting nexus point and provides web hosting services such as public and private cloud as well as dedicated servers.

Our networks were built from the ground up with redundancy in mind, and that is why we choose Ashburn, Virginia for our East Coast cloud hosting data center. Ashburn, VA is only minutes away from Washington, DC, and sports one of the largest data center densities in the world. The region dubbed Data Center Alley has over 75 data centers and is a core hub of the Internet. Ashburn hosting provides some of the lowest latency on the US East Coast and it’s why all of our East Coast cloud hosting is serviced from Ashburn, Virginia.

Why Choose GigeNET Cloud Hosting in Ashburn?

GigeNET Cloud’s expansion into Ashburn not only gives you another choice of location when purchasing a cloud, but also enhances all of our existing products:

  1. Higher redundancy and network bandwidth
  2. Lower latency to Europe and beyond
  3. Increased capacity to prevent DDoS attacks
  4. Additional load balancing capabilities
  5. Additional hybrid server solutions spanning multiple locations


Ashburn resides in Loudoun County, Virginia, and has also earned the title the “Silicon Valley of the East,” attracting some of the biggest names in hosted infrastructure. More to the point, according to Cisco, over 700 terabytes of information travels through Ashburn every second. In other words, the entirety of the Internet (an estimated 16,000 exabytes) funnels through Ashburn every nine months.When you purchase Ashburn hosting from GigeNET, you can be confident that you are purchasing a world-class hosting environment. Speaking of environment, all of our facilities use LED lighting, run ultra-efficient cooling on-demand, and standardized on high-density low power servers to deliver maximum performance while creating the smallest environmental footprint possible. Each year, GigeNET prides itself on ranking high as an environmentally conscious company. And like the attention we place in our East Coast cloud hosting, we are environmentally friendly by design – from the hardware we use to the processes we implement.


Limited Time Offer

As an introductory offer, any purchase you make in the Ashburn location, GigeNET will give you 20% OFF for the life of service, on us. Speak to our sales team to learn more.

Want More Information?

Our sales team and engineers can answer any question that you have, whether it’s something complex and technical or just a quick question about bandwidth.

The GigeNET Cloud Network

Our third-generation cloud hosting was developed from the ground up to offer our customers best in class features on a high-speed cloud foundation. Self-healing storage, redundant infrastructure, 10 GBs network, and a lot more are all included.

Our Ashburn hosting facility is only one of three data centers strategically located across the United States, granting customers access to our extensive and powerful private and public network systems. All of our data centers feature industry-leading technologies for optimal operation, including redundant electrical systems, multiple redundant cooling systems, and a wide range of advanced security measures.

We consider 24-hour support seven days a week provided by industry veterans to be the standard. On average, our techs have been maintaining and building cloud hosting environments longer than almost anyone else in the industry. With GigeNET, we don’t just provide quality web hosting; we make sure to support you every step of the way, and that level of dedication is why our customers continue to stay with us year after year.

Our Ashburn data center does a good job in supporting our East Coast cloud hosting customers, but to see how we provide our midwest customers with premier web hosting, check our Chicago data center. For more information on how we service the west coast and Asia, check out our LA data center. Whether you need Ashburn hosting, or hosting anywhere around the world, we have you covered.

Along with support, the server hardware can be vastly different from one cloud provider to another. Though our cloud hosting comparison did not focus on the underlying hardware layer, we use SSD cloud servers. If you require help when it comes to handling some of the DevOps on your cloud hosting plan, we offer cPanel Hosting for all of our cloud servers. However, if you would rather leave your enterprise cloud computing infrastructure in the hands of trained professionals, look no further than GigeNET managed hosting.

Test your speeds to our
Ashburn Network with this Test IP:

East coast cloud hosting


leed certified

LEED Certified


ISO Certified

Our Ashburn data center also carries the following benefits:

  • 100% SLA
  • 24/7 Onsite Security Personnel
  • CCTV Camera Systems – 90 Day Retention
  • Biometric and Photo Badge Access
  • Man Traps
  • SOC1 Type II Compliant
  • SOC2 Type II Compliant
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • ISO 27001
  • Fully redundant systems