Our GigeNET Cloud Locations

With three locations to chose from, you have the ability to create a virtual machine with routes suited to your needs or create added redundancy across both locations.


545 E. Algonquin Rd
Arlington Heights, IL
los angeles

600th West 7th Street
Los Angeles, CA

Equinix Exchange
44470 Chilum Pl. Ashburn, Equinix DC3
Ashburn, VA

Our Chicago, IL Facility

GigeNET owns and operates their own 17,000 sq. ft private datacenter facility. Instead of leasing space from a third-party wholesaler, they have built and maintained their own DC. In doing so they are able to provide a vast array of products and services and keep a 24/7/365 Support Staff on-site right next to the equipment allowing for GigeNET to set the industry standard for response time and support levels. Having their own facility allows them to provide flexibility to expand, strict cost controls, higher security standards and overall better facility management.


Our West Coast Facility

Telx is the leading colocation and interconnection service provider within 600 West 7th Street. This facility provides access to dozens of the leading domestic and international carrers and physical connection points of the world’s telecommunication networks and backbones. This facility providers low-latency access to financial exchange and application providers, media and content providers, software-as-a-service providers and numerous enterprises. Telx’s 600 West 7th Street facility is one of the prominent technology facilities on the West Coast. The facility offers seismically rated for protection against earthquakes.


Our East Coast Facility – Our NEWEST Location

Equinix operates a state of the art datacenter just outside the Washington, DC metro area, connecting more than 4,500 companies directly to customers and partners worldwide. Direct connections to a wide range of networks, enterprise, content companies, and financial institutions, makes Equinix a strategic location for serving the East Coast of the United States, and is the perfect compliment to our datacenters in Chicago and Los Angeles.


cloud network

The GigeNET Cloud Network

With eleven premium bandwidth providers delivered through two diverse points to our private datacenter, our 100% uptime network provides the performance and reliability that you expect from your hosting provider’s infrastructure.

Redundant Juniper routers direct traffic over our private fiber optic network, delivering it to your servers on Cisco 6500 series switching platform. In addition, a partnership with Internap providers route optimization that reduces network latency by up to 50%!

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