Cloud Servers vs VPS (Virtual Private Servers)

Traditional VPS’s do not have centralized storage which means if your node goes down you could be down for hours. If your data is corrupt in a VPS environment it might be gone forever. Also, if you want to scale on your VPS you are limited based on the amount of resources that is on the node your data is on.

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Cloud Scalability

With Gigenetcloud Cloud Servers you are able to scale at a moments notice because your data is centralized and not stored on the node itself. This allows for you to be live migrated (without downtime) to a node that meets your requirements. With Cloud Servers you can scale vertically to the full size of one node, which is up to 128GB of RAM with 16 Cores if your application needs it. The Cloud Server environment allows for maximum utilization of resources and can intelligently allocate the resources available to fit any growth if it is horizontal or vertical.

VPS Scalability

With traditional VPSs your scalability is directly impacted by the amount of resources used up on the node you currently reside on. If you have a VPS that has 8GB of RAM and you want to scale to 32GB of RAM, chances are you will not be able to do so due to the limitations of the server you are currently on. All your data is stored locally on a VPS so moving you to a new node will not only cause downtime but could take many hours to migrate all your information to a different node that has the free resources. VPS is not a good technology to scale vertically with. Many VPS providers try and use up as many resources as they can on any given node based on what you buy when you sign up. They don’t consider where you will be in 6 months to a year. Because it is impossible to predict the needs of any one customer most of the resources in a VPS environment go unused and under utilized which also limits clients ability to scale horizontally. It’s much harder to build 20 VPSs with 8GB of RAM on a VPS infrastructure simply because of the static nature of the VPS environment and not being able to move people around as they see fit.

Cloud Servers High Availability

With Gigenetcloud Cloud Servers you don’t need to worry about your server going down for prolonged periods of time (outages). With our redundant centralized storage you can rest easy with your data and your Cloud Server being online at all times. If a node was to go down, centralized storage gives you the ability to bring the Cloud Server back online on any node with available space. Gigenetcloud focuses on keeping utilization under 60 percent so that any customer can grow their cloud at any time and any combination of nodes can go down without prolonged downtime. Self-healing Cloud Servers come online right away on another node if brought offline due to a system failure.

VPS High Availability

With traditional VPS environment you don’t have the option for high availability because it is impossible unless the servers are synced up at all times. Having storage on the node where the applications run prevents VPS providers from being able to offer true high availability. If the node goes down your VPS goes down with it and stays down until the hardware is restored. If the RAID dies (most VPSs will be run on RAID) then you risk complete data loss and a lot of downtime.

Cloud Server Pricing

Gigenetcloud did extensive market research to ensure they are competitively priced and we even through in more RAM, More CPU, and MORE Space for the same price as our close competitors. Buying a Cloud Server has never been such an easy decision. Why buy a VPS when you can get a Cloud Server for just as much if not cheaper?

VPS Pricing

Believe it or not, VPSs are priced about the same if not MORE than Cloud Servers. This makes you think, why would you get a VPS if you could save money AND increase reliability, performance, and scalability with a Cloud Server?

Cloud Server Performance

Gigenetcloud has the ability to live migrate customers when a particular customer is using too much resources or bandwidth. If you, as a customer, need to have more resources you can be moved in a moments notice to another node with plenty of resources where you can max out an entire node if need be. You aren’t ever limited on resources and problems can always be resolved with the flexibility of the solution. Gigenetcloud has done extensive testing and come up with the fastest performing centralized storage on the market today. All of our hardware from the network on down to the memory on each node is top of the line and has been tested before being put in to production. If you add everything up Gigenetcloud has a very high performing product that is always capable of changing and upgrading without downtime. Having the ability to live migrate with no downtime to the customer gives us the ability to upgrade nodes and keep systems up to date at all times. This means as technology improves we can improve our entire cluster without 1 second of downtime to the customer.

VPS Performance

When you purchase a VPS, what typically happens is the provider selects at random a server to put you on hoping that no one else on the server will take up all the resources. Once the server has been picked you will stay on that server until it crashes and you lose all your data, you are migrated over the course of a day, or you decide to quit and get a Cloud Server. If someone else decides to use all the CPU on that box there is no way to move you to another box without taking your entire site down and moving you over the course of what could become DAYS. Without centralized storage VPSs can be very unpredictable in performance because you simply don’t know whom you are sharing a node with. Also, with VPS providers when you are put on a node your node will age as time goes by without any way to upgrade you without taking your server down. Do you really want to move your application more than once?