About GigeNET

The Early Days

GigeNET’s history begins in 1997 when Ameen Pishdadi started a small webhosting venture called GlobalWebHost. At the time, this humble business
was one of the first Co-Location customers at Level3, 111 North Canal St.

As the next progressive step, Co-Location was added to the company’s repertoire in 2000-2001 due to market demand. The organization, now called “Ecomdevel LLC,” was a partnership between Derek Raines and Ameen Pishdadi. With the addition of multiple flagship clients, the companies continued to profit and grow.

The addition of the DDoS Protection Proxyshield™ service in 2004 continued the expansion of the business advertised under ddosprotection.com. In the same year, the company took on another new venture by adding “high risk servers.” This new product was given the name “Gigeservers.”

To Arlington Heights

Through their continued success with new and programs, the next step in GigeNET’s evolution was its move to the current location in Arlington Heights, Illinois in 2006. At this time, John Lee joined the team and with his knowledge and experience from his time at Level3 he helped solidify the success of GigeNET and its Co-Location business. The Sales Office in Las Vegas was closed and all functions were moved under one roof at the new facility in Arlington Heights.

We are very proud of the well established and successful support department, which has earned GigeNET an excellent reputation within the industry. Over the years, many positive articles have been written about GigeNET complimenting the outstanding support team.


In 2008, Bill Smith, an entrepreneurial spirit, joined GigeNET to elevate its presence and push it into additional markets and new organizational heights. His business experience and systematic thinking contributes to the continued growth of the company and will for the years to come.

To this day, Ameen continues to push the technical boundaries of the business he started many years ago. In the year 2010, GigeNET made its Cloud Server product available to the global market. To this day the business remains profitable and continues to expand and progress with the rapidly expanding technology market.